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Scheduled Tours 2023 / Guided or Guided Self-drives

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12 Day Botswana 29 Sep-10 Oct 2023 | 12 Day Zimbabwe 11 – 21 Oct 2023 | 09 Day Kalahari Lion 02-10 Dec 2023

enjoyable well-organized travel experiences


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Kalahari Tours and Travel in association with Kalahari Wildlife Tours is tour operating in the Kalahari Desert and Wildlife Parks & Reserves and Conservation areas all over Southern Africa. Operating since 1994, the owner and professional guide, Dantes Liebenberg has conducted guided tours totalling more than 2 000 days in our specialized area, the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and adjacent areas in the Kalahari. Kalahari Tours and Travel is a SATSA member and is strategically located in Upington in the Green Kalahari, Northern Cape, South Africa. We can accommodate any special interest that clients may have in the form of tailor-made tours.

Our tours vary from staying in exclusive lodges to primitive camping. We offer guided tours, guided 4×4 tours, guided 4×4 self drive convoy tours and self drives.

Come and tour the Kalahari Desert and the Wildlife Parks & Reserves of Southern Africa. Experience real peace and tranquillity as well as true Kalahari hospitality. Knowledgeable and highly experienced guides will make your visit a memorable experience. Kalahari Tours and Travel has the necessary vehicle and passenger liability insurances in place and we have a proven business track record committed to
service excellence.

responsible tourism

taking responsibility for making tourism more sustainable

Kalahari Tours and Travel is committed to responsible tourism in South Africa. Kalahari Tours and Travel follows specific ethics with regarding to camping and 4×4 routes. We support local communities and community projects where possible by making use of their facilities where possible on various tours. By making use of South African National Parks facilities, we support various projects and programs in and around our National Parks, which is to the benefit of the local communities. Responsible tourism is our way to contribute to our land and its people

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